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    Intel Desktop Board DZ77GA-70K BIOS


      The BIOS update (0021, 0027, 0035) for this board at download center indicate it was for board with BIOS ID string GAZ7711H.86A. However in the product page at https://www-ssl.intel.com/content/www/xa/en/motherboards/desktop-motherboards/desktop-board-dz77ga-70k.html the board BIOS ID string was indicate as GZZ7710H.86A. Looking at some of the Internet sites board preview/review with Intel Visual BIOS screen-shot I spotted BIOS ID string GAZ7710H.86A.


      Which was the correct BIOS ID string for this board? GAZ7711H.86A, GZZ7710H.86A or GAZ7710H.86A. From my past BIOS update on Intel board using iFlash2, the *.BIO file (GAZ7711H.86A) downloaded from Intel download center will not work on board with either BIOS ID string GZZ7710H.86A or GAZ7710H.86A.


      I was looking at this board to pair with the upcoming Ivy Bridge processor but with the above confusion in BIOS ID string and the risk of inability to flash new BIOS revision in future, I don't think it was a good idea getting this board?


      Anyone can clear this confusion in BIOS ID string?

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          The correct BIOS string is GAZ7711H.86A - we will fix the page in error - thank you for alerting us to this.  The very early samples of this board had the '10H' version of BIOS, which are in fact not upgradable to the final production version.



          Lois H.


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            Hi, thanks for this piece of valuable information

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              What is intel doing about this problem caused with BIOS 0035 for the DZ68BC, i updated mine to this bios in the hope's of geting power issue with some PSUs fixed, but then after updating nothing was fixed instade othewr problems come, i have a 2500K in this board the turbo was ovariden to 5.9 i could not getit to go back to it's default value, so i disabled the turbo for now till its fixed.


              And another thing hopefully when the other bios comes out it will be UEFI like the one for DZ77GA-70K, it would be a nice treat from intel to do this



              I would like to see this on the DZ68BC

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                I have had my PC freeze and display a crazy pattern on my monitor screen.  This has happened twice now since updating to the broken BIOS 0035.  The color pattern reminds me of when a video card starts to display artifacts when it's overheating or close to dying.  Funny thing is I am just using Intel HD 3000 graphics on my 2600K.  I don't have a video card installed.


                Intel Bad Bios.JPG

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                  It might help a little if you disable Turbo Boost and set your memory speed to 1333MHz (or 1066 if you have low spec ddr3). I have 1600MHz ddr3 with XMP profile, but it gives me constantly blue screens if I dont run them at 1333 with this crappy 035 BIOS.

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                    Thanks for the info...I just disabled Turbo Boost in the BIOS.  My RAM has been at 1333 since installing 0035 even though they are suppose to run at 1600.  How long should we give Intel to fix this? They better fix this within a week at the most.

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                      More question as more reviews were posted for this board DZ77GA-70K.


                      It seems that there was/were some inconsistent in Visual BIOS interface. Techreport posted their review on this board and I assumed it got the latest BIOS for their review set because the date of the BIOS 3254 dated 11/04/2012 (Intel official download site posted the BIOS 0035 dated 10/04/2012)




                      SPCR (and some other sites) using BIOS 3000 dated 11/03/2012 (Intel official download site posted the BIOS 0027 dated 12/03/2012)




                      From the two screen-shot above it was clearly shows some cosmetic differences. I'm puzzled why Processor tab shows several "Not Found" message in the BIOS 3254 whereby older BIOS 3000 shows the information correctly?


                      What make me even puzzle was the first BIOS 0020 interface of the retail board already shows the same interface of review board BIOS 3254 with no "Not Found" message. Source: Guru3d



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                        I am having the same issue - did you find a resolution?


                        I am having the same issue, and have had across 2 motherboards (both ASUS P8H67M-EVO and under multiple operating systems (originally Windows 7 x64 and now Windows 8 x64).  I have been updating BIOS, graphics drivers etc for a year and the problem continues.  It is very erratic - it can go a week without, however since upgrading to Win8 it is more frequent and typically multiple times a day.