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    How does the VPRO technology accomplish WOL?

      We have looked at SCCM 2007 and how it actually wakes up a PC and come to the conclusion it will not work in our environment


      SCCM 2007 WOL uses Unicast and Subnet Direct Boradcasts to actually wake up the PC


      Unicast depends upon the router to translate an IP to MAC address and the default Time to Life (ToL) of the cache is 4 hours (it can be set to infinity)

           We have remote offices where PCs are only turned on once a week

           Setting ToL to infinity can cause issues if the IP assigned to the PC changes


      Subnet Direct Broadcasts are not allowed due to security concerns (increases chances of a SMURF attack)


      I'm wondering how the VPRO technology actually acomplished sending the magic packet to a PC

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