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    Question about Intel Dh55pj Board


      I have an intel dh55pj motherboard using it now matter of fact. and when I go into the system properties in windows 7 it shows 4.0 gb ram and 3.86 usable. Im using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. I have 2 2gig sticks installed and im no longer using the onboard graphics and theres really no way to completely disable them not from the bios anyway. Im using a radeon hd 4650 PCI-E X16 Card. I started out using the Core i3 graphics but they were not good enough for the games I wanted to play. Sorry forgot to mention Im using the Intel Core i3 First Gen 550 3.20 ghz. I made sure max memory wasnt check in msconfig I checked bios for the execute disable bit and it was enabled like it should be. Total Physical Memory shown in task manager is 3957. Im wanting to get 2 4 gig sticks later on but then im worried about this same problem I feel as if Im not getting all my RAM. Maybe theres nothing that can be done but if there  is let me know. I also enabled the pae switch too that didnt work either.