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    Raid Web console errors


      Not sure if this something to be concerned about or not. The technical troubleshooting document is of no help.


      Controller ID:  0  PD Reset:   PD      =   :13,   Error      =   3,   Path   =      50:06:00:b0:01:b9:c8:c0

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          You could pull a SAS log and see if you can find more information on the error. To obtain the SAS log file use the cmdtool utility and run:

          CmdTool2 –AdpALILog –aAll > <filename>.txt

          <filename> is what you want to call the log file.


          Also see the community post on TROUBLESHOOTING TOOLS FOR INTEL (R) RAID CONTROLLERS.




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            # ./CmdTool2 -AdpAlILog -aALL


                  SAS RAID Management Tool Command Line Utilities


            Adapter #0


            Date/Time:          Sat Apr 21 05:11:51 PM
            Operating System:   Linux version
            Segmentation fault
            [root@xenserver-pbx2 CmdTool2]#


            in messages:

            Apr 21 17:11:51 xenserver-pbx2 kernel: CmdTool2[32456]: segfault at 1909 ip b7602ba2 sp bfeb8920 error 4 in libc-2.5.so[b75ab000+13f000]


            any suggestions?


            Using MegaCli the same result.


            ordinary command like -LDInfo -PdList etc... working ok