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    New Computer build, No HD graphics- Drivers won't install-No Bios Option for Igpu


      I have been on another forum and saw someone with the identical issue. I ran cpu diagnostic, which said my cpu is fine. According to the bios and windows 7, HD 3000 doesn't exist. I am planning on reseting CMOS, unplugging the monitor from my graphics card & plugging it in to the Motherboard & hope that works. (Just plugging it into the mobo and restarting I get a black screen.)


      The graphics drivers (from intel) won't install, says my computer doesn't have the enough resources!


      I would appreciate some tech support from intel.





      ASUS P8Z68-V Pro/Gen #

      8 gb ram

      550w psu

      radeon 6850 gpu


      Windows 7 Pro 64bit


      I bought this configuration because of the pitch about quicksync and Virtu, would like to run in dgpu mode (dual monitor) mostly CS5, Lightroom....from all I've seen online the HD graphics are not working the way they were advertised. There needs to be much better customer support. At this point I will be steering all who ask away from Intel.


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