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    USB Communication Dropouts with DH67CL Motherboard


      I am having a problem with the USB communication dropping out periodically when using the DH67CL motherboard USB ports.  If I use a PCI card with USB ports on it the problem goes away.


      My application checks the USB connection every 5 seconds or so and reports an error if there is a problem.  It reports a problem with the communication about once an hour.


      My system:

      DH67CL Motherboard

      BIOS: v151

      Chipset: Intel 6 series/c200 USB Enhanced Host Controller Driver: v9.2.0.1021

      USB Root Hub: v5.1.2600.5512

      Windows XP SP3

      BIOS Legacy USB: Problem occurs both when legacy support enabled and disabled.

      Is this an interruption of the USB communication because the motherboard is busy doing something else?  How can I tell?