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    intel hd graphics 2000 - using HDMI, when monitor is off driver resizes screen and open windows to 800x600


      Intel hd graphics 2000 embedded controller

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1

      Latest driver -


      When connected to monitor using HDMI (set to 1920x1280), when the monitor is off (either turned off manually or by power saver settings in Windows) I hear the `usb device disconnected` sound followed by the `usb device connected` sound.  Every few seconds this repeats.  When to monitor is turned back on the display resumes normally at the proper resolution, but all the open program windows have been resized to 800x600, as though the screen had been resized, and the open windows resized accordingly.  When using a VGA connector to the monitor this does not occur (at 1920x1280).


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.