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    Pc hang every 10 to 20 mins


      I buy i7 3930k,

      intel dx79to,

      32 gb of ram corsair xms3

      Gtx 680

      Coolmaster smps 750 w




      Now main problem is when I watch movie and playing game with in 10 min it's hang plz give some solution

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          This type of problem can be hard to solve because there are several possibilities.


          There is a good chance that this is related to a screen saver or the Energy Control settings, causing the system to close down or go into another mode after a set amount of time.


          Something is overheating like Ram, video card, Chipset, or maybe fan is not running.


          Bad power supply.  Fluctuating power supply causes an unstable condition.


          You have a lot of RAM so one RAM DIMM may be bad.


          Bad hard drive.  Some file is corrupt and when encounterd it crashes.  Could also be a bad driver.


          You could have some kind of program that is using all the RAM and eventually it uses it all without releasing it. This can be the hardest problem to solve because often the only way to solve it is to uninstall every program till you figure it out.   This can also be caused by a system file running in the background like something that is controlling networking or wireless or some other background system function.  It can even be a leftover service from some program you uninstalled.


          Darn Spyware.


          Some other program like Skype is interfering with your running program.


          A backup program starts after 10 minutes of inactivity.

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