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    Intel Desktop Board DH55HC random reboot.


      i have been using a intel desktop board dh55hc, wit intel processor i7 CPU 870 @ 2.93ghz, i have installed 8 gb of RAM in dual channel mode 2 x 2 gb channel A slot 0 and 1, and 1 x 4 gb in channel B slot 0. memory speed @ 1333mhz. 9500gt 1gb graphic card. Bios version TCIBX10H.86A.0048.2011.1206.1324, smps coolermaster 600. i have tried changing ram, smps, harddisk, graphic card. still i am facing a random reboot. some it works of 30 min and then reboot, some it reboot during loading bios, somtime it does start also. also seen the motherboard is any capacitor is damage, i didnt find any. please help my desktop randomly reboots.

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          Test your memory by running memtest86+ and set you BIOS to default config with only minimal changes to adjust for installed hardware. Download and run the Intel processor utility. Let us know if you pass those tests.


          Check your windows system log file in event viewer to see if you notice anything causing the reboot.





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            I have tested the system using memtest86+ and by setting up with default setting in BIOS. Memtest86+ took about 45 minutes to complete and no error and passed all the test.


            Still facing the same issues, the random reboot. No idea why system reboot automatically, and reboot automatically during BIOS load. Then I have to keep it off for 10 minutes and then starts for sometime.


            Checked the system temperature in BIOS and IDU


            Processor Temperature : BIOS - 55-60 C / IDU - 45-50 C

            PCH Temperature: BIOS - 57-59 C / IDU - 57-59 C

            VR Temperature: BIOS - 62-68 C / IDU - 56-59 C

            Memory DIMM Temperature : BIOS - 38-40 C / IDU - 38-40 C


            everything seems to be fine. still i am facing the same issue.


            any suggestion.



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              Did you run the Intel processor utility? (You'll probably need to be able to boot to run this utility. Do you have another hard disk with os that you can plug into the system?)


              If the memory passes and the processor passes, and you have the BIOS set to the same config you had when you installed the os, you likely have a corrupted os.


              Can you boot from a bootable disk? If the system boots, it's not likely the Intel hardware.


              Did you add any hardware since you installed the os?


              I think the first varibles to eliminate from the equation are the board, processor and memory. If you've got them eliminated and your issue is windows start, try running window repair from the distribution disk.