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    Out of Band Management and AD integration


      I setup Out of Band Management in SCCM 2007 R3 and everything was awesome.
      I could do the whole remote KVM thing and everything was working brilliantly.

      Now the problem is I had to disable everything and delete the AD objects very quickly because it was causing authentication issues with other AD integrated system.


      In our environment we have the computer names the same as the username of the person logging onto the PC. This is where the problem arises.
      When a user logs onto the other system the LDAP query on this system gets the AMT account instead of the user account due to the AMT account having the same object category as a user.
      This even prevented the one person testing the KVM feature from connecting to his own machine since it had been provisioned.

      We figured out that it was the AMT object causing the probem by deleting one of the object and testing the other systems again and they worked again instantly after the AMT object was deleted.

      I am wondering if anyone had or has a similar situation and knows how to work around this problem?

      I can't really do any testing of this currently as I had to do a quick disable and removal to keep our users working.

      I really want to get this working again because after trying it out and seeing how awesome it works I don't want to not be able to use it.
      Thanks for any suggestions or help.