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    S5000PSL (Non R) & Xeon 5300 on theoretically unsupported PBA




      sorry for the stupid question but i thought someone here might have an answer...


      So I've recently acquired an old SC5400 with an S5000PSL -SAS with PBA D44749-801.


      The official Xeon 5300 compatibility list says I'd need D44749-803 to run any Quad Core CPU (ie Xeon 5300) on it.


      Now it happens that i have another Server with a Xeon L5345 here and thought I'd invest the 5 minutes to test it - and it worked?


      Don't misunderstand me I'm happy (saves me from buying a new Board) but I wonder which risks I'll be running (besides it not being a supported configuration)...


      Are there any problems to expect (data faults, glitches, early death of components due to overstressed conductors or I don't know what?)


      Does anyone have any info on this?