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    Cannot open GMA-Menu


      I am running a lenovo thinkpad R61 on Windows XP. Service packs and updates are installed. This notebook uses the Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family and I already tried reinstalling the driver, but this did not change anything. Current version is 6.14.0010.5218.


      Lately, I cannot access the Menu of the GMA. It vanished from the windows control panel. The icon in the system tray still exists, but any click (left / right / double) brings up a small panel that reads "Intel(R) Extreme graphics 2" and nothing else (see [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/NPCeO.jpg[/IMG]).


      I do need the menu because I sometimes use an external monitor. When I plug it in, the desktop is being expanded, but I can neither choose another display option (i.e. clone), nor the primary monitor.


      I do appreciate any help - Thanks in advance!

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          Hi there!


          Intel Extreme Graphics 2 is offered on old graphics controllers like 855G and 865G chipset, please bear in mind that they are no longer under support by Intel.

          This problem could be generated due to a windows registry corruption. You may want to run windows system restore or reinstall your operating system.