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    How can intel HD graphics output DVI mode signal via HDMI-to-HDMI connection ???


      There is some issues about the text sharpness(not overscanning) and color rendition on my TV when connect with laptop via HDMI-HDMI. It's maybe a kind of optimization of TV inside image Processing but not good in all case especially in text display. I've tried to adjust fuctions in OSD of TV even in factory mode,didn't get any better.


      Then I connected TV with my desktop pc via HDMI-HDMI(nVIDIA display adapter) and result in the same issue. But after I disabled the HDMI audio output in driver control panel of nVIDIA,It all changed.The input mode TV showed switch "HDMI in" to "DVI in",The TV picture becomed as normal as monitors and of course looked wonderful.
      But it would return to HDMI mode every time after my reboot. Then I tried to make and install an *inf file for TV as TV driver(like someone who suffered from the same issue did). The *inf file contained the modified EDID(to disable the HDMI EDID extensional block) of TV to cheat the display adapter as not a HDMI device. No doubt it worked on my nVIDIA card but not on my laptop of SNB(HD Graphics ignored the TV driver created by that inf ?).
      Thus I need another way of HD graphics in SNB to output DVI mode singal via HDMI-HDMI connection. Please help!