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    Problem with Graphics


      Hi there!


      I've recently bought a Dell-Vostro 460 Desktop and It has worked like a charm until a week ago.


      My system specs are:


      Processor: Intel i5 @ 3.10 Ghz

      RAM: 4 GB

      Graphic card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family (Donät really know the "real name" for the specific card..)

      HDD: 500 Gb


      Some days ago when I played StarCraft 2 the desktop went all weird after I've closed the game. To fix it I had to restart the process "explorer.exe".


      Now the desktop can go weird just by klicking on the icons a little. So now It's even worse!


      I'm suspecting that is has something todo with the graphic drivers but I have downloaded the newest drivers from intel and the http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/detect doesn't even work for me...


      So I have right now two problems.. Oh wait sorry, three problems...


      1. The desktop goes weird after a while either by starting a game or by klicking too much on icons.

      2. I can't run the Intel Driver Update Utility on nay browser (I've tested IE9, firefox and Chrome) IE9 Crashes and on the others it just keeps dialling....

      3. I CAN access the Intel HD Graphics Controlpanel BUT I CAN'T CLICK on the help menu because then it crashes... (it says: "GFxUI has stopped respnding")


      I don't really want to reinstall windows since the computer is brand new and I have alot of stuff on the HDD (takes forever to backup everything...)

      and I'm also afraid that even if I did reinstall everything the error would pop up again.


      I have also scanned the computer for viruses with 4 different softwares.. And nothing found...I have also bought the Uniblue Driverscanner just to fix this but that didn't work either because then i wouldn't have to write here..


      so PLEASE HELP ME, I would appreciate it ALOT.


      I can't stand to restart the explorer.exe all the time.. soon I will just live without it.. (it works.. kind of..)


      Best regards





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          Oh i also forgot to mention that i have Windows 7 Proffesional 64-bit


          If that makes any difference

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            Try starting in safe mode with networking. Hammer F8 multiple times immediately when starting
            up pc. A start menu will come up. Then select the second to top option for " Safe mode with networking.

            PC will load generic vga driver for safe mode but the driver table will still tell Intel Driver Identification Utility that an Intel Video card is present. It must detect your card as an Intel to use the driver Identification utility. In addition, you need to have the latest Java driver (I think version 51). Prerequisites: Java needs to be loaded with your IE 64-Bit browser then load the Java into your IE 32-bit browser. It seems since Firefox is a 32 bit browser on 64-bit windows confuses the Intel Driver Identification Utility. Reboot after installing Java and then set Tools Internet Options Advanced "Use JRE 1.7.0_51..." and restart again. Then when you connect to Intel support Driver Identification Utility "Check your system for updates" it will ask you  to "Run As" select current user  and okay then it will ask you at the bottom of screen to accept download of Husdawg Active X and also ask you to allow it to run. It will then appear to crash and say "...something like intelcheck.exe is not a valid 32 bit app or something else' and you just select OK. It will hang for about 20 seconds and then run and show your drivers (Given that they are intel devices. Good luck and cheers, hope this helps. >>>SUCROMATIC

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              I am sorry to hear that have had issues with the Intel Graphics Controller on your computer.

              I would need more information in regards to your system configuration:


              The exact processor model on your system:

              Click the Windows icon, and then right-click Computer .

              Select Properties .

              Find System Type on the Properties window, and then note the processor model.


              Does this problem occur with drivers provided by the board or computer manufacturer?