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    Question : P55 , disk 0 (OS) + RAID 1 (data - DISK1 and 2) , os reinstallation


      I helped a friend one year or even longer ago with installing a RAID 1 into his desktop. So his specification is like the following


      -p55 chipset

      -1 hard disk with windows 7 (32bit) DISK 0

      -2* 2TB (DISK1 and DISK 2) hard disk put into raid 1(mirroring) conifguration - by activating in bios i think and synching with intel rapid storage technology software.


      But at this point in time he added more memory and new  graphics card with more memory so having a 32 bit OS is outdated ( TOLD HIM! :p). So now the plan is to install windows 64bit windows 7 and my question is which scenario does he need to follow.


      Scenario A)

      a)delete raid1 - into 2 seperate disk and how exactly?

      b)install windows 7 on DISK 0

      c)install intel rapid technolgy

      d) create raid 1 again for DISK 1 and DISK 2


      or can he do the following also


      Scenario B)

      a) just format and instal windows 7 on DISK 0

      b) install intel rapid technology

      c)check if eveythign works


      Or somethign completly different.


      Greetings Ward.