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    Activation resources - What additional materials are needed?


      A large amount of content has been posted - with more coming - on how to activate and utilize the Intel vPro Technology in a Symantec\Altiris environment.  The following provide a few examples of what is available today:



      Additional insights on deployments, new capabilities with the technology, and so forth will be coming.


      Question for this community - what would you like to see?


      To give you a few hints of collateral in progress or being considered:

      • How to interpret and utilize the AMTSCAN data
      • Considerations for environments with drive encryption and power-on passwords
      • Green IT and Intel vPro
      • Intel vPro and Symantec Workflow.... or related ideas on "service oriented architecture" enablements
      • Automating via a provisionserver appliance
      • Using WS-MAN and vbscript to provision a client
      • New features and capabilities with Altiris version 7
      • More "real world" deployment model experiences  (building off the following - http://www.symantec.com/community/book/4821/deployment-scenarios-intel-vpro-altiris-environment)


      Do any of those topics tickle the imagination or stir thoughts on what is needed?  Although I cannot guarantee when these articles will be posted - definitely like to hear from the community on what would be of greatest interest.