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    E5520 vs E7400?


      Hello, I have a question, we have a system that uses the JBOSS java version 4. the problem is not using more than 22% of our server processor. The server is a HPML350 G6 with 2 QuadCore processors (E5520), 36GB of RAM, SAS disks (only for Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise) and Netapp Storage(iSCSI) for vhd file. A Hyper-v virtual machine with JBOSS.


      The same java process on a PC Core2Duo, E7400 processor, 3GB of Ram, and SATA drives without Hyper-v, runs 50% faster. Why can be?


      The JBOSS is using a single Threat / core. It may be that the problem?