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    DN2800MT and internal Power Supply


      Hi Everybody,


      I have a standard power supply (http://www.chieftec.eu/en/psus/smart-series/psf-180mp.html) in my mini ITX Case and would like to use it to power my DN2800MT board. Since the Power Supply has only a 20+4 or 4 pin connector I am not sure how to manage that. Can anybody please give me advise how to connect the power supply's plugs or what kind of adapter I need to do things right?


      Thanks in advance




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          What are your total system power requirements for your new setup?


          That internal power supply is only 180W. It may not be compatible with your new system.


          Contact the PSU manufacturer to see if they have a recommendation or adapter.



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            thanks for your answer, since the System will only be the Board itself and one mSATA SSD it will need only about 15-25 Watts. The Problem is that I have never seen the 2 pin power plug Intel has on this board for internal use before and neither could the PSU manufacturer help me figure out how to install the power adapter properly. If everything fails I will have to use an external adapter, but I can't see why Intel would install such a plug if there is no way to connect it to a standard PSU. The documentation of the board gives no hints for beginners like me either .



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              See the link above. Check out the third section, "Desktop boards with a 19 VDC power connection."


              Ask your PSU technical support if your PSU supports +19 (+/- 10%) VDC via a 1 x 2 power connector rated at 10 A maximum current. If not, ask for a recommended PSU and check with other PSU manufacturers.


              See the link below, bottom of pdf page 58, section Power Supply Connectors:




              It may help you sort this out.



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                Check out pdf page 23, bottom.


                The power connecter on the board appears to be a Molex 5566-2. The mating plug from the PSU should be a Molex 5557-02R.


                For an internal PSU configuration, you will need a power supply unit with an output of 19 VDC per the spec. It doesn't appear your PSF-180MP has a 19V DC output.


                The internal power header pin-out: Pin 1 - ground, Pin 2 - voltage in, +19V DC.






                I just noticed that the internal power connecter input is 8 VDC to 19 VDC.


                The Technical Product Spec, link in prior post, page 58, indicates input voltage is +8 (+/- 10%) through +19 (+/- 10%) VDC. You may be able to adapt your PSF-180MP if you make an adapter with a connector that mates with one of the PSU 12 VDC outputs and a Molex 5557-02R connector. Alternatively, if you obtain a Molex 5557-02R connector with female pins, replace one of the PSU 12 VDC output connectors with the Molex 5557-02R connector. Make sure you know which wire is ground and which is +12 VDC. Use a mutimeter to check and be safe. Make sure you get the correct gender pins for the Molex 5557-02R and make sure you know which pins are Pin 1 and Pin 2 on the board.


                Do a Google for the connector you need to obtain. You may be able to obtain one at a local electronics store or you can order one from the web.



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                  Hi Mr Bing, I just bought the same board (with this funny smaal molex connector) and naturaly i bought a casing with a standard power supply.

                  so it looks we have the same problem. if looking at the 4 pin molex you see twice yellow and twice black this means 12 volts so thats more than enough to run this board... looking carefull at the 4 pin molex you will notice that it might be possible to fit this connector for only halve into the motherboard-connector

                  WARNING HOWEVER, i just read your question, so i have NOT EXPERIMENTED with it

                  and i have NOT checked if plus or minus are correct or false..... i will be able do some tests during this weekend...

                  and i will let you know weather all works fine

                  or that modifications on this psu-4-pin-molex should be done...

                  hopes this answer is good enough for you to wait a couple of day's extra

                  build in power supply makes life a lot easier

                  gr Bozzuul

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                    just running on the internal power supply

                    one halve of the 4 pin molex fits nicely and with correct plus and minus.....

                    p.s. i did connect the greenwire with a blackwire to make the atx power suplly to stay always on

                    so my problem is solved