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    DZ68DB and 0040 BIOS Update (Ivy Bridge Support).




      Today I have successfully updated the BIOS to the new 0040 Version in my DZ68DB Motherboard (CPU is I5 2500K). I read the readme documents and studied the instructions diagram which are provided. Main reason (but not the only one of course) for updating is the support for the Ivy Bridge CPU.


      The number of my Motherboard's AA# Number is  AAG27985-101. So according to the instructions diagram provided with the BIOS update my Motherboard is "Ivy Bridge capable" (and not  "Ivy Bridge Ready")  and the Intel ME version after the BIOS update is (and not


      Does this mean that I should be waiting for the next BIOS update, or a ME Driver update in order to make my Motherboard fully 22nm CPU ready? That's what I understood after reading the documents, I just want to make sure that I understood correctly. Or is the 0040 BIOS version enough to install a 22nm CPU?


      Thank you very mich in advance!

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          Hello aris1978,


          I understand that you are inquiring about you being able to use the newer processors on the 22nm architecture.


          The Requirements will be on the following web site:




          If your motherboard does not meet them, it means that it will not be able to use the 22nm processor.





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            Thank you very much for your reply @Victor_Intel! It's much appreciated!


            The Link that you posted is the instructions diagram that I mention in my first post. I have understood so far the following:


            1) All DZ68DB Motherboards are capable of 22nm CPU support.

            2) DZ68DBs with AA# 105 or above are 22nm CPU ready just by updating to 0040 Bios and the ME 8.0 Version

            3) DZ68DBs with AA# 104 or lower (in my case AA#101) are 22nm CPU capable and another BIOS update is required so that they are 22nm CPU ready( even if BIOS 0040 version is already installed).


            I think that I have understood everything correctly! All that I want to know is that I am not mistaken. I ask because I do not have that much experience with CPU upgrading after BIOS update or similar issues.


            Thank you very very much in advance!