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    Intel Centrino 1030 Wireless Card and Windows 7


      Will the Centrino 1030 Wireless N card support Wake On Lan (WOL) ??


      I have an HP DV7 laptop with Intel Centrino 1030 Wireless N card and Windows 7.  I am using Windows Home Server 2011 to backup the laptops nightly. 


      Specifically, I have the Intel Driver from 8/3/2011 installed on the HP Laptop, and for for the power settings in windows 7 for Wireless Adapter settings i have set the option to Medium Power Saving.   Are there other options I should be using??


      note that I have been using an Add On to WHS 2011 called Lights Out which implements WOL protocol for turning on pcs on the network for backups and/or remote administration.   Works great on my HP desktops, one with Vista and one with Windows 7.  But the laptops do not work when connected wirelessly, and I can't seem to find info on whether that is limitation of the wireless card or the dv7 laptop or windows or ???


      Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!!