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    Is arbitrary downsampling/downscaling possible with an Intel HD Graphics 3000?


      What I'd like to do is have a virtual resolution of 1600x1200 that is downscaled to a lower resolution (e.g. 1366x768) so I can fit 4 windows of 800x600 on my desktop even if the screen doesn't support 1600x1200. And no, I can't make the windows smaller ;).


      I know that there is a hack of sorts that allows downscaling from 1024x768 or 1152x864 by setting the registry key Display1_DownScalingSupported to 1. This hack worked when I tested it (I could run Battlefield 2 on 1152x864, which is 96 more vertical pixels than my screen actually has), but doesn't seem to allow higher resolutions than 1152x864. Would it be possible to use this hack to downscale 1600x1200 to a lower resolution? I don't mind loss of text readability and I'm not afraid of messing with configuration files, registry entries or even binary blobs. I'd just love to get this working :).


      Note that the system I'm trying to get this working on has the following specs:

      • Windows 7 Home Premium x86
      • Nvidia Optimus, with:
        • Intel HD Graphics 3000
        • Nvidia GT 555M
      • Screen with 1366x768 native resolution


      I already tried getting the Nvidia driver to do the scaling, but it seems that's not possible in Optimus configurations. Any thoughts on downscaling 1600x1200 on this system are appreciated!