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    Intel ssd 520 series: IDE mode not working on dell E6420 after migration




      I have cloned my older windows xp (installed under IDE mode on a kingston 64G ssd) to a new 120G Intel 520 ssd.  The clone was successful. But after swap harddrive, my E6420 won't boot at all with the new intel 520 ssd.  It gives the error message 'a hard disk read error occured'. Or sometime, it shows the 'boot from last good configuration mode', but the hard drive freeze with any further action.  When I switch to AHCI mode, I can see the windows xp loading bar. But blue screen of dead after that, I expected this since I don't have a AHCI driver.

      I tried the intel 520 ssd on my older acer 5920G laptop, it works very well with IDE mode.


      It seems like that ssd 520 is not compatiable with dell 6420 under IDE mode.   Any suggestion could be helpful. Thanks in advance.