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    S1200KP high CPU temps.


      I am having an issue with a S12KP motherboard having very high CPU and Chipset temps. As you can see from the attached pictures I am seeing temps of 80+ C within only a minute or two from cold metal start up. I am using an E3-1245 and also tested with a i7-2600 with identical results more or less (the i7 runs about 78C).

      I have swapped out every component, memory, CPU, PSU, HSF, and this is even a second S1200KP motherboard. I flashed the BIOS from 12 to 18 with no change.  I realize there are thermal limits to the form factor and small cases. What is curious about this situation is that I have a second system that is in the exact same case but with a DQ67EPB3 motherboard (where I borrowed the i7-2600 from) and it overates at normal temps of around 43 C. I even put the E3-1245 in it and it ran normal temps.


      The only conclusion I can draw is either I have gotten two defective motherboards or this motherboard is doing something the DQ67 doesn't in reguard to putting a load on the CPU. Either way I can't see any reason this board should run anywhere near these temps with the OEM cooler on it and the case open or closed with and 80mm and 140mm fans running.

      Honestly I have so much time into troubleshooting this I'd be money ahead to toss the S1200 in the trash and order me a DQ67 to take it's place but I'm the type of person that like to solve problems whenever possible so I'm sticking it out, Anyone have any thoughs or suggestions? TIA