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    Intel 946GZ suddenly NO MORE Extend Desktop Display Setting - Only TWIN + CLONE


      I am having Acer L310 with Video -Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3000  System Chipset-Intel® 946GZ + ICH7 for many years.
      Have  2 monitors connected to it as extend desktop setting..  Working fine when it was running XP till upgrade to Vista Home. Happy user for the Intel support of multiple moniors.


      Just a few days ago, there was a recommendation to upgrade driver for my monitor and display adaptor by the MS Window - auto update.   After accepted
      and let it upgrade the drivers for DELL Monitor driver and Intel 946GZ Express Chipset Family...  


      NOW When I click on "Personalize" I can only see one monitor and not two. If I goto 96GZ adaptor's graphic property, the display device still have option for single or mulitple displays. But for th multiple display, I can only choose twin or Dual Clone - which means both monitors display the same content. NO LONGER HAVETHE OPTION TO extend the desktop


      I tried reinstall monitor or older Intel 96GZ adaptor drivers... it did not help.


      Any kind advise appreciated. My latest adaptor driver version for Intel Graphic 946GZ is


      I have a friend throw an idea to install 945 instead, as it is for mobile.... I think that unlikely to make sense, to even try.