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    Intel Core I7 2600 in Intel Serverboard S1200BTS


      I am wondering if I can install an Intel Core I7 2600 in a Intel S1200BTS Server motherboard. I've Googled but it seems I am the first person who is wondering if it can work. The reason why is because we have this processor on the shelf and we currently have a ESXi 5.0 cluster but our current motherboard is not certified for VMWare so it crashes every few days which is pretty dangerous. We are looking for a cheap solution and a way to recycle this processor and so I searched for a socket 1155 which is VMware certified and found the S1200BTS.


      On the CPU Support list only Core I3 and E3 processors are supported http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/CS-032414.htm


      The reason why I am wondering is that the E3-1275, E3-1245, E3-1235, E3-1225 are supported processors and they have a TDP of 95 Watt just as the Core I7 2600. And I've read that the E3-1275 and the 2600 are not that different from each other. Another thing is that the manual is telling that this motherboard can only support CPU's with a TDP 65 and on the CPU support list these 4 processor proof that this is not true (anymore). http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/s1200bt/G13326-003_S1200BT_TPS_v1_0.pdf on page 17. I know I need ECC memmory for it to work.


      I understand that Intel cannot support or recommend this setup and I will take all the responsibility and risk but can somebody tell my if this setup has a chance of ever working? I might have overlooked something.


      Any help is much appreciated!