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    False Raid Array Reporting


      Even after I have disconnected my HDD, after performing a clean install of W7 Pro 64, and intalling ToolBox 3.0.2 before hooking up my HDD the optimizer reports that I am using a raid array!  The Tuner reports a "dual drive system" after hooking up my HDD (Seagate 'Cuda) which is correct.  Then why does the optimizer report that I am using a raid array.  My bios is clearly in AHCI mode.  I have an AMD Crosshair V mobo.


      Help anyone?

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          I meant to say that my Mobo is an ASUS CHV, with an AMD processor and chipset.

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            How did you configure your old RAID array on your AMD board? Is there an option during your PCs POST to configure your RAID volumes? Did you delete your RAID volume before disconnecting the HDD and doing the clean installation? Are you using an Intel SSD with your PC? Are you referring to the SSD Toolbox when you mention "optimizer"?


            You should also check the system requirements for the Toolbox, if you are using it, since if they are not correct that may explain your strange results.