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    Another Intel HD 3000 driver stopping bootup of Win 7




      I had to recently reinstall my laptop (Dell e5520) motherboard. Afterwards, the windows 7 x86 refuse to bootup. I can bootup in safe-mode with networking and after a bit of tinkering with the device manager, I disabled Intel HD graphics driver and can now boot into windows 7 normally, except I cannot enable 3D hardware acceleration due to the driver problem.


      I tried to install the latest video driver from Dell for Windows 7 (Intel_multi-device_A09_R307992) and it didn't work, always hanging at the Windows logo (that should be flashing/pulsating but isn't when it hangs) or immediately after it with a blank screen (although the back-lighting still works). I have also tried these following drivers (Not listed in installation attempt order) with no improvement:

      INTEL_MULTI-DEVICE_A08_R301732.exe (from Dell)

      Win7Vista_152254.exe (from Intel) Ver.:

      Win7Vista_152250.exe (from Intel) Ver.:

      Win7_15265.exe (from Intel) Ver.:


      After giving up on the previous install of the Windows 7 and backed up plus moved all my personally data off the harddisk in the laptop, I clean installed Windows 7 and used the latest drivers all the components of the laptop from Dell I still get the same problem at the stage where I have to install the graphics driver. Driver installation order is in accordance of this PDF "Dell E-Family How-To Reimage Guide"


      So I traweled google and come to here, with a poster suggesting to remove the Intel rapid storage software in another discussion as it conflicts with the graphics driver (never had that problem before the motherboard replacement). It did not solve my problem, bootup still hanging if Intel HD graphics driver is enabled.


      I will try and reinstalled (for the third time) and install the driver in this other later today:

      Chipset (will be using this to help:infinst_autol.exe ver.:

      Graphics driver (suggestion on which driver to attempt installation first please)




      If it still hangs, I am giving up and installing and duel-booting Windows XP for the time being. Can someone please tell me what Intel drivers that I should install so that my chance of having bugs is minimal?


      I have also ran the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool and Dell PC Diagnostics to see whether it was the hardware was damaged after the Dell technician replaced the motherboard, but it passed both without problem.