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    Lost raid settings in Bios due to power cut


      Hi, thank you for reading this. I have a self build Asus Rampage Extreme mk1 (775 Q6700) until yesterday it was working fine, then the whole Neighbourhood had a power cut.

      When I booted my pc it said something like "some of your bios settings have been lost" F1 to enter F2 to reset, as I thought about what to do next the pc booted on its own , loaded windows and found new hardware and loaded some drivers, and now I have lost both my raid settings.


      Which were.

      Drive C & D Raid 1 Mirror (containg Dual Boot of Window XP 32bit & Windows 7 64 bit operating systems only  across 2 partitions)

      Drive E & F Raid 0 Strip  (Containing W XP Data & W7 Data (in 2 partitions)


      My question is please, Do I / how do I,  put the bios back to raid ? and will I loose all my data?


      Or is the a raid recovery / reset within Intel Raid Manager in Windows ?


      I should say the pc still boots fine, offers me either operating system as usuall , but in explorer I only see the drives as C/D/E/F 150/150/256/256GB


      I have not done anything else except switch the pc off !!


      Can anyone offer some advice please.