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    RAID Controller RS2WC040 reporting puncturing bad block error


      I just installed the Web Console on a server where I have an Intel RS2WC040 controller installed with 4 SATA drives installed. 3 of the drives are configured in a RAID 5 virtual drive and one is unconfigured (I plan to use this as a hot spare). I noticed in the web console logs, there are entries that state "Controller ID:0 Puncturing Bad Block  PD: --:--:1 Location 0x1f944cd9"


      I am assuming that I am starting to have a problem with a drive but the virtual drive status still says "optimal", the 3 drives in the array are all "online" and the unconfigured drive says "unconfigured good"


      The question I have is, which drive is having the problem? I assume the PD value is telling me that. Does the PD: --:--:1 in the error message mean the problem is in slot 1?