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    Intel DH61AG and Gigabyte AIO GB-AEBN


      I purchased a bundled solution via my Intel rep at Tech Data.  It included the Intel DH61AG and Gigabyte all-in-one chassis, GB-AEBN, it has an 18" display built in.


      I have tested the system, installed Windows 7 on SSD drive and everything is ok except for the internal display in the Gigabyte chassis.  Admittedly the chassis came with virtually no documentation and what little there is, nothing about connecting the display.  I supposed it was meant to be generic with no specific reference to a manufacturer mainboard.  The chassis came with a DVD/CD but contains no drivers and the documentation does not resolve the problem.


      I am testing the machine via the video output on the mainboard to an external monitor.  I have tried adjusting video options in the CMOS of the Intel mainboard with no results.


      I contacted Gigabyte and was referred back to Tech Data from whom I have yet to receive a reply.


      The chassis has a white/grey pair of what appears to be possilbe power connectors but I am unsure if they are indeed power wires or where to connect them.


      Any help greatly appreciated.