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      • 15. Re: Windows 8 Driver
        Pedro Augusto

        You Intel guys must be kidding with us, your clients.


        What is your justification for the fact that a Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family has OpenGL in Windows 7 and doesn't have OpenGL in Windows 8? Is this the best you can do? Is this the best for me? Shoul I continue to buy Intel?

        • 16. Re: Windows 8 Driver
          Tarik Kharabsheh

          what the hell are you thinking, why don't you support WDDM 1.2 on 1st generation cards ? which for sure are capable of performing WDDM 1.2. that's it for intel for me , I will try to make some money to buy NVidia , at least they added support to Win 8 for all products at min requirements, not like those intel ***! man I'm ******

          please reconsider by October.

          • 17. Re: Windows 8 Driver

            For this very same reason i`m going AMD, at least there i don`t get stuck with a half functional crap graphics card that struggles to work under Windows 8 environment because of the lack of driver support., searching to sell my intel laptop for now.

            • 18. Re: Windows 8 Driver
              Benjamin Jr. Gorospe

              It is so annoying!!! Why Nvidia still supports their GeForce 6100SE onboard graphics on windows 8 even if it is FAR SLOWER than GMA X4500!!! Can you please do something about this! I'm not contented with the "in-box" or so what-you-call-that-thing, because I play an online game, I know that GMA X4500 is not that for gaming but at least it plays my game very smoothly before, in Windows 7, because I need the Graphics Properties option on the desktop! By the way I am using a laptop, so whenever I reformat my laptop and install a new driver, in the Graphics Properties control panel of Intel, the power is always set to "Balanced", I don't even know why the heck they do that, I still need to adjust it to "Maximum Performance" always so that my game will run very smoothly, because in "Balanced" mode, during "Sudden High" of graphics, my screen hangs for 3-5 seconds and setting it to "Maximum Performance" solves the problem, but in Windows 8 "in-box" drivers, there is no such control panel to control that and whenever I play my game now, it sucks, my screen always hangs 3-5 seconds! Please do something about this! Why Nvidia still supports their far lower GPU GeForce 6100Se from GMA X4500? !!! It really makes me furious!

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