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    Was the i7-2620M replaced by the i7-2640M?


      I was just wondering if anyone knew about the late 2011 processor refresh? I knew that the i7-2620M was the fastest dual-core CPU available. Now I've checked back and see the i7-2640M @ 3.5GHz. That is 100MHz faster than the 2620M is the fastest. I have also looked around at various computer manufactures, only to find that they don't offer the 3.4GHz 2620M anymore, it seems the 3.5GHz 2640M has replaced it. So I was wondering did the 2640M replace the 2620M, or did Intel just release the i7-2640M because the i7-2620M wasn't fast enough? Is the i7-2620M still in production or has it already been replaced? Thanks in advance!