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    Intel PRO/1000 PT Dual Port, only 100Mbit on port 1.


      I have a Intel PRO/1000 PT Dual in my pfsense-router.

      Problem is, port no.1 is indicating 1Gbit, both card and PC but it can only deliver 100Mbit.


      I have a 200Mbit connection, so I tried the card out in my dekstop PC.


      Port 2 is ok, I measure 200Mbit on this port, 1Gbit connection between modem and PC.

      Port 1 also reports 1Gbit connection but only deliver 100Mbit when measuring.


      Intel diagnostics says AOK on both ports and passes all tests, but still port 1 can only deliver 100Mbit, despite the connection reports 1Gbit


      So, is the card totally gone, or is it possible to save and get back to its former glory with 1Gbit?