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    Intel S-2011 DX79TO - complete system freeze with PCIe



      i got a strange behaviour with my new motherboard and after stumbeling into these forums here i try to get any help i can find since i am already beyond the point where i can help myself.


      I already applied the lastest BIOS Update (SIX7910J.86A.0460) that came out on 03/27/2012.

      A copy of my problem i keep up to date at pastebin to share it on different places http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=2yjDXBAS to find any solution.


      This ONLY happens when i am using a PCIe graphics card. ASUS refers to INTEL (as the Graphic card is from ASUS) and the people from Nvidia are suggesting INTEL too. Maybe someone here can help me out.


      The Components are all brand new - no overclocking, no customization. I took them out of the box and put everything into my atx tower.



           Copy from my pastebin with my problem:

      Complete System freeze after 1 min - 70 min computer usage. Independent from running/started user applications and
      system load. Works perfectly with a PCI Graphic card.
      System setup:
      CPU:                Intel Core i7 - 3820, LGA2011 Quad Core - 3,6Ghz
      RAM:                2x 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz, CORSAIR 
      Power:                ENERMAX Platinum, 600Watt 
      Mainboard:          Intel S-2011 DX79TO, ATX
      HDD:                2x Seagate 500 GB
      Graphics (working perfectly without crash):
      Card 3:
           ZOTAC Nvidia Geforce GT520, 512 MB
           Type: PCI
           passive cooling
      Graphics (system freeze after 1 - 70 min):
      Card 1:
           ASUS Geforce EN GTX550Ti
           Type: PCIe2.0
           active cooling, connected to power supply
      Card 2:
           Geforce 250GTS
           Type: PCIe2.0
           active cooling, conntected to power supply
      Nvidia Control Panel:
      Driver Informations:
      Operating System:     Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit
      DirectX version:     11.0 
      nvui.dll          NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
      nvxdsync.exe          NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
      nvxdplcy.dll          NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
      nvxdbat.dll          NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
      nvxdapix.dll          NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
      NVCPL.DLL          NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
      nvCplUIR.dll     4.3.790.0               NVIDIA Control Panel
      nvCplUI.exe          4.3.790.0               NVIDIA Control Panel
      nvWSSR.dll          NVIDIA Workstation Server
      nvWSS.dll          NVIDIA Workstation Server
      nvViTvSR.dll          NVIDIA Video Server
      nvViTvS.dll          NVIDIA Video Server
      nvDispSR.dll          NVIDIA Display Server
      NVMCTRAY.DLL          NVIDIA Media Center Library
      nvDispS.dll          NVIDIA Display Server
      PhysX               09.12.0213               NVIDIA PhysX
      NVCUDA.DLL          NVIDIA CUDA 4.1.1 driver
      nvGameSR.dll          NVIDIA 3D Settings Server
      nvGameS.dll          NVIDIA 3D Settings Server
      What did i test:
      - CPU temperature monitored - OK, even under stress
      - GPU temperature - OK
      - prime95 stress tests worked fine - 20 min without crash
      - memtest
      - Battlefield Bad Company works in super quality (1080p + highest details) until system freeze
      - tested with different graphic cards (see description above)
      - Firefox works too, until system freeze ;-)


      Update 2012-04-05:

      Still no success - maybe someone can tell me where i can find the "right" place to ask for support? I get redirected from ASUS to Nvidia, Nvidia to ASUS then to INTEL. 


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