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    No Boot. Intel DQ965WC


      Hello Every One I Have A Intel DQ965WC Motherboard Which I Got New From Ebay, I Had This Board For About Two Weeks And Not Done Nothing With So I Decided To Sell It On Ebay Again With A Duo Core Processor As I Havent Got A BTX Case For This, Before I Sold This Again I Took This Out The Box And Checked That This Worked, I Connected The Correct Cables And Attached A Heat Sink To The Board While It Was On Top Of Some Cardboard And It Booted Correctly And Worked Fine, I Turned It All Off And Left It For A Few Mins While Just Incase There Was Any Static Electricty Build Up, And Held The Power Button In For A Few Seconds Just To Use Any Power In The Board, And Packed The Board Back Into The Box And Posted It, Just Over A Week Later After i Sent It Off, He Has Claimed It Doesnt Work And Wants A Refund, So I Have Said Send It Back And I Will Look And Offer A Refund, I Have Checked The Board Over For Burnt Out Places Or It Smells Funny And I Cannot See Anything So I Have Connected Cables Up ECT And There Is A Green Light On The Mother Board When There Is Power, And When The Power Button Is Pressed There Is A Red Light That Flashes On The Board Near CR2Q77 The Ram Slots, Does Anyone Know What I Can Do For A Fix? Or Know What This Problem May Be??


      Thanks In Advance