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    Intel HD Graphics 2000 Problem *Update




      I've just installed windows server edition 2008 onto a dekstop with an intel core i3 processor.The only output on my motherboard (Gigabyte Ga-Z68AP-D3) is HDMI. I cannot get the display to fit onto the screen, I have tried every resolution and the "fit to screen" and "centre display" options but neither fit properly. Is there anything I can try to get the screen to fit?


      ** Update:

      I can get the screen to fit by using the maximum resolution and setting the "Customize aspect ratio" option, however because the resolution is so high I can't see anything very well! Why does the customize option disappear when I change the resolution?


      Thank you



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          The generic drivers that we provide for this graphics controller are only validated for desktop edition operating systems.


          Keeping that under consideration, we cannot guarantee that these drivers will work properly when running on a server platform.


          I suggest you to check with your Original Equipment Manufacturer and confirm if they validate the usage of a server edition operating system and obtain a driver directly from them.