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    rms2af080: no write back?


      Hello - I have a new system built using the RMS2AF080 raid controller. When configuring a new VD, there seems to be no option to set write-back policy (i.e. write-through only). Is this acceptable for performance? There is no BBU option, so presumably there is no safe way of enabling write-back?

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          After running a few test, it appears that I need to upgrade to be able to use RAID5 effectively. I get acceptable performance from RAID0/1, but RAID5 is basically falling off a cliff. I get good sequential read access (to the order of >200MB/sec), but sequential write provides the same performance as random read/write (<10MB/sec). Configuring RAID1 gives decent perf, about 140MB/sec sequential read/write and almost 10MB/sec random. This is on a S5520HC motherboard running W2K08R2 with RAID driver version Disk test run with PassMark PerformanceTest-64bit.