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    5300  1030 and D-Link DIR-655 - transmission rates


      Hi all,

      I have Lenovo T500 (Windows XP)with Intel WiFi 5300 and D-Link router DIR-655 (wireless-N). The connection works fine, however, I do not understand the transmission rates. Usually both network adapter and router reported 130 Mbps. Hoewever, few months ago, with 13.4 driver version, both suddenly started to report 300 Mbps (I don't know why - it just happened). Until today when I upgraded the driver to 14.3 version and I have 130 Mbps again.

      D-Link adapters report always 300 Mbps when working with this router.

      I can't get more than 130 Mbps with Dell laptop with centrino 1300 either.

      I have read several similar posts and checked the settings, they seem OK. What can I do wrong?

      Best regards,