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    Dell E6410 with Intel 82577LM Ping


      Strange issue here....


      I have a Dell E6410 PC with an Intel 82577LM embedded LAN Card.  For some reason, I am no longer able to Ping or connect with this port to a PLC on a static IP address.  The Network IPv4 is also configured for a static IP in the same range as the PLC.  I do this all the time, so I believe the IP address setup is fine here.  I have 2 other other Dell computers, (one being another E6410) and can ping the the PLC without any problem.


      I've tried to compare settings between both E6410's and don't find much for differences other than the the PC I am having trouble with has a newer driver.


      I am able to ping other computers from this PC but not the PLC.  However other computers can Ping the PLC.


      Any idea how to troubleshoot this and what might cause one computer to Ping ok and another not to Ping for the PLC only?  However the computer that can't ping the PLC can ping other computers.


      I am running Windows 7 32Bit.