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    How to power up a Intel DN2800MT


      I have purchased a new Intel DN2800MT board and want to install in an old micro ATX case.  The case come with traditional ATX power supply.

      It has a 24pin ATX power plug and a 4-pin ATX12V power plug.  I have tried to use 2 pins of the 4-pin power plug to connect to the internal power connector but it can't power up.


      I then chose an external power adapter with 9VDC output to connect to the external input.  I saw a led is power up near the RAM slot.  When I power it up through power switch, the lamp goes away and can not power up.


      Do you have any suggestion?



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          Please ensure the power adapter meets requirement below and test the board out of chassis with just the memory installed, no other device attached. If the power adapter meets requirement below and yet the board doesn't power up, the issue may be some thing else. Let's verify this one first.





          External Power Supply


          – the board can be powered with an 8-19 V DC external

          power supply though the DC jack on the back panel (Figure 13, A). This connector

          accepts dual-barrel plugs with an inner diameter (ID) of 2.5 mm and an outer

          diameter (OD) of 5.5 mm, where the inner contact is +8 V DC (±10 %) through

          +19 V DC (±10 %) and the shell is Ground. The maximum current rating for this

          connector is 8 A.