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    core i3 2120 integrated hd graphics does not work!!


      hi thanks to all of you before hand, i hope u can help me.



      ive installed one core i3 2120 cpu on a h61 motherboard, and i am using right now windows 7 ultimate 64.




      when i install the driver of the integrated video, i get some artifacts, and the pc freezes and restarts. it can happen as soon as win7 starts, or after 2 minutes, etc. so its at random.



      if i go to sfae mode and uninstall the video drivers, the pc works fine, without problems at all.



      so i think is a driver issue. ive used the drives on the cd. then used the latest driver on intel site. ive installed it on a fresh install of win7, without updates, then with updates, with sp1. then win7 32 bits etc


      and all the times it works fine until i install the graphic driver, no matter if it is the one on the cd or the newest of the intel site.


      what can i do? should i return it?

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          If you have tested both drivers, our drivers and the manufacturer's drivers then as a last troubleshooting step you may considering a BIOS update to your motherboard, if this does not work then the processor's graphics controller may be defective and therefore you may considering  a warranty replacement with the place of purchase.




          Dago MC.

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            I am experiencing the same problem with an intel i5-2500k and Gigabyte z68X-ud3h-b3 motherboard. This is the third motherboard that has experienced this problem(unrelated issue) and through that and other tests I know that it is the onboard CPU graphics causing the problem. It works for an indefinite amount of time, then without warning(though video playback seems to cause it) the entire screen is filled with flickering rows/boxes of artifacts, the speakers blare a constant glitchy-sound and the entire computer freezes up until I hard power cycle it. At that point, it boots up fine, anything that was open is usually recovered, and all is well until it happens again. I have tried all drivers available to me, mobo BIOS versions, tweaked settings, etc. and it seems that any intel driver greatly increases frequency of the problem. That is the only real variable that has a significant effect, but it still occurs without them installed. Does this sound like a defective CPU graphics controller?


            If so, assuming it is covered by the warranty, how would I go about getting it replaced?