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    DX79TO system hang




      Intel i7 3630K processor (not overclocked)
      16GB RAM (G.skill  F3-12800CL9Q-16GBRL)
      Intel DX79TO MB (latest BIOS)

      Windows 7 64bit home premium (updated)
      Radeon HD 7970 (with 12.3 Catalyst drivers and not overclocked)

      Two non-RAID mechanical disks (Western Digital and Seagate).

      Thermaltake Toughpower W0172RU 850W power supply



      When I run a particular program (Poser Pro 2012 in OpenGL mode) the computer would freeze completely and needs a reset to recover. After a few seconds after freezing, the system status LEDs on the motherboard indicate that there was a CPU error where LED L (or wrongly labeled F in the product guide) lights up red. Windows does not leave an event log for this. This freeze only occurs with this program. I have tested and stressed the system with no problems.  CPU temperatures stay below 70C under heavy multi-threaded load, about 30C when Idle.


      I know it may be an issue with the video card or its drivers, but I would like to know if this error may be also an indication of a problem with the processor or board. Very little information is found on the cause of this type of error and what it really means.


      Any insight would be appreciated.

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          According to the information provided you are experiencing a compatibility problem with this specific software you are using (Poser Pro 2012 in OpenGL mode). If the issue was related to either motherboard or processor it will fail disregarding the program you use.  The LED CPU error is related to the hard reboot you need to do after the freezing issue. Our recommendation is contacting the software developer for further compatibility information and specifications. You can also test the system on a minimal configuration and start adding components one at the time to ensure the issue is not related to another hardware component on your system.

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            Thanks for your reply and clarification. I was afraid the CPU error was a serious hardware issue. I will contact the software makers about this then.