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    Intel(R) Wifi doesn't work help


      Hi everybody I have HP Touchsmart Tm2 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium, I use my laptop in high school everyday and we have a wifi there, to access internet there it needs a proxy server, username and password...etc


      My laptop is Intel Core 2 and my friend has same laptop as mine but Intel Core i3, anyway my laptop wifi is Intel(R) Wifi Link 100 BGN and his is Broadcam, mostly all my friends has BroadCam and they have HP touchsmart http://static.trustedreviews.com/94%7c27999e%7ccccd_9334-hptouchsmarttx2.jpg

      At first my laptop was working fine but the wifi doesn't reach very far places like there is a place all are connected to the wifi except me, and at home when I go to my room it doesn't connect, when I go a little closer it connects. it even said the range was excellent or very good.

      We use Office Sharepoint(Groove) their to cooperate with each other and I could open the internet, but when the second semester began all of a sudden it didnt work i didnt use it in the holiday it was kept as it is i didnt change a single software in it my laptop didn't work, it conects to the wifi but it doesn't work, the Groove stayed offline, all of my friends were offline, it said unable to communicate, I couldn't connect to the internet either, and I use the same proxy username and password as before, I tried my username and password on my friends laptop it worked fine so its clearly the problem is from my laptop, HP has a recovery system that changes it back to its factory state and I did it, still the same.

      Sometimes it even says Internet Access but it doesn't work, could it be a problem in the WiFi itself in the laptop?

      I tried to update the driver but it says its up to date.

      Is it posible to change my WiFi from Intel to Broadcam?

      Or are there any solutions? Please help I really need an answer very fast, thanks a lot.

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          Hello Ashoom,

          From your description of the issue, in particular the fact that you did a factory restore and it still won’t work may indicate that the wireless adapter may be faulty, to exchange it we recommend you to contact your laptop manufacturer directly since this is a hardware replacement, not just software (your wireless adapter is a small network card attached internally to your motherboard.)

          I hope I got you in the right direction,