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    ICH10R RAID 5 lost member disk


      I used ICH10R to build RAID 5 disk 1.5TB * 4. Yesterday, Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology software alarmed the 4th RAID member error, I set it to normal and then system started to rebuild RAID automatically, but it stopped at 82% and started over from 0% twice.


      I thought there must be something wrong with the HD. I used SATA to USB cable to connect the 4th HD to another PC to check SMART condition, because I could not check SMART in RAID mode. I found error block with the 4th HD and then I used the same way to check the other 3 HDs one by one.


      2 of the checking processes,  windows asked me if I want to format disk after I plug-in the HD by SATA to USB cable. I chose "NO", because I knew it would erase my data.


      Finally, I put all HDs back to the original PC by the same sequence, but it showed RAID5 lost 2 members. I was sure I didn't format my HD. How could I re-label the disks as raid member or any solution? (4.5TB are lots of data.)