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    DX79SI won't go to ssleep


      Had some problems trying to get my DX79SI to sucessfully go to sleep, installed latest BIOS: 0460.2012.3227.1627 and it consistantly won't go to sleep.


      System consists of Win7 Ultimate SP1, i7-3930K, and above BIOS.(all defaults)


      When I say it won't go to sleep, the S3 state indicator blinks, but the fans continue to run (the CPU fan/cooler provides significant heat). Only way to re-start the system is to use the Power button (to power off and on)


      When the system restarts to Win7 the Intel Desktop utilities shows Processor temp to be around 124F which then drops to around 90F - CPU fan speed is stable and the same when the system doesn't enter sleep state.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem - system won't shut down the fans when system goes to sleep, and won't come out of sleep

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          Sometimes add-on cards or peripheral devices can contribute to such issues, which of these items do you have on your system and have you tested with them all removed (on a fresh installation which never had them in the first place)? Power state issues really can be a black art to track down so your FULL system details may help to narrow things down a bit.


          It'd also be helpfull to know what software you have installed and to make sure you installed the Intel Chipset software as the first update after the OS and it's own updates were first installed (installation order is important and the chipset software must be loaded first before other drivers and Intel Management Engine software etc).

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            Also get troubles after 460 update:


            1. Lost F2/F7/F10 prompts on POST screen, although enabled in Setup. Hitting that keys on keyboard do nothing. So the only way to get into Setup is Back BIOS button on mb.

            2. Random errors on init of USB devices, especially keyboards and UPS. Device become unusable under OS (Win7 x64) with Code 43.

            3. Lost outputs chart in Setup on Onboard devices entries (number signs graph)

            4. Windows some time cannot turn PC off on shutdown, i.e. no video signal, no keys reaction but PowerLED is On and vents still rotating. PSU is Delta 850W, more than match for PC with one videocard and no overclocking.


            Can i safely flash back 453 or 430 BIOS?

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              Only add-on card is a Nvidia GTX 550 Ti - difficult to remove it and re-try, without any video. I tried re-installing the chipset software and management engine interface and got the system to sleep sucessfully twice, but on the third attempt back to before -  no sleep.


              Power supply is a Thermaltake TR2 600W


              Here's an image of all the software I have installed



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                mike.a.p wrote:


                Only add-on card is a Nvidia GTX 550 Ti - difficult to remove it and re-try, without any video.

                Oops I failed to grasp this is a board without onboard video


                The fact that a reinstall of the chipset drivers then management engine made a difference temporarily (but then reverted back again) is interesting. As you have a very complicated system in terms of software installed, it's hard to know where to start.


                Microsoft have a knowledgebase article about problems going to sleep in Windows 7 here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/976877 and the command line instructions in steps 2 and 3 may help you identify the culprit(s).


                I know if it was my PC (which has only a tiny fraction of the software you have installed) I'd try a full reinstall from scratch and then update the OS then install just the chipset drivers and other Intel drivers/Management Engine software and the latest graphics card drivers in that order and then I'd give it a good test. That way you'd know none of your software is interfering with the systems sleep functioning.


                If that works well then I'd begin a process of installing an app and testing sleep functionality incrementally i.e. after each app install reboot and test before installing the next. As you mentioned the problem reoccurred on the 3rd attempt after the driver reinstall this could be a very tedious process though with all your software so maybe a search of forums dedicated to your graphics hardware MAY show whether people with the same card as you have or haven't had issues like this on X79 series boards. Similarly, people with the same software/apps may recognise one or more that seem to bring on this problem. Sorry I can't offer a quicker and more definitive solution

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                  I have exactly the same problem with a different graphics card (Sapphire HD4870).  Amongst other things, I'd like to know where all the power is going.  In this "zombie" mode the LEDs say 03, the power light is blinking but it's sucking 240W from the power outlet.  In normal use it's using only 130W.  Fans don't use that much!

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                    Well I might have found a resolution to my problem....


                    I decided to put a power meter to check the power consumption used  - disconnected the system from the UPS and inserted my KillAWatt meter - low and behold the system now always goes to sleep and wakes-up (20+ times). Maybe the UPS is providing noise on the power line to the system power supply. I will keep this community updated if the system reverts back to it's old ways.

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                      Was the UPS also connected into the system via a USB connection (to signal and shut down the PC automatically and in the normal way when there's a powercut)? If so, try it again with that USB connector removed and see if that makes a difference. Often problems with system sleep states are caused or contributed to by peripherals or parts other than the motherboard having problems sleeping in combination with other parts of the system. If simply connecting it directly to the mains makes all the difference and powering through the UPS (either with or without a monitoring connection) brings the problem back, then it seems either the UPS or Power Supply unit (or a combination of both together with this motherboard) are responsible - not that any one by itself is 'faulty'.


                      As it seems this issue is not isolated, it'd be worth contacting Intel Tech Support with details of your system incl the UPS and it's connection methods. If you have another UPS and or PSU, it'd also be worth doing a test swap with those in the system to see if there's any difference. How are the voltages in Intel Desktop Utilities looking with and without the UPS connected in terms of stability and location within tolerance? What about the BIOS readings of the same under the hardware monitoring section (assuming your board has such an option)?

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                        It's very suspicious that my system is completely different to that of mike.a.p. but I have the same problem.  No UPS at all.  It can go quite a long time working fine, then something changes, like another person logs on, or whatever, and it suddenly won't go to sleep.  How can this be a PSU problem?

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                          Do you believe that the same symptoms can be caused by different factors? Sleep related issues in PC systems can be a black art to track down as there are a multitude of potential causes which may include incompatible combinations parts (even though none of those individual parts may be faulty). If you want to beleive that this problem is solely as a result of a problem with the board or its BIOS, by all means report it to Intel Tech Support so a case is created but as it's been reported that not using a UPS results in the problem going away for at least one person, that leads me to deduce that the next component along the system may have something to do with things in that case (although it may not be faulty as such). I hope that makes things clearer

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                            Hi there,


                            In adition to the hints from microsoft in articel linked by "flying_kiwi" you my try the powercfg commad as follows:

                            in cmd windows (opened as admin)


                            powercfg -energy


                            this takes around 60 secs and lists (in adiditon to the commands already shown in the ms article) not only possible devices that may prevent sleep. it also list services or programms (or whatever) that currently IS preventing sleep modus.

                            For me this identified "\FileSystem\srvnet" as the reason for my PC not going to sleep and after tracking it town to the Network card #2 i finnaly have a system that at least goes sleeping as inteded.