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    My Raid Volume needs update?


      Hi to all.

      I am a new member and I hope to write in the right area.

      I bought an Asus mother board model P8H67-MLE that has Intel Rapid Storage Tecnology on board.

      I contacted Asus support,but I had no satistisfing answers to my questionzs.

      Quick history of my case:

      1. I built my new Raid Volume pressing CTRL+I, before the pc stars, and following the instruction in video.

      2. I built a RECOVERY Disk (not a mirroring Raid 1) becasue I couldn't loose my old data

      Now I am in this configuration (see the picture):


      Is this a correct one?

      Why under the 'ID VOLUME/Size Status' row I see:"NeedUpdates"?

      How can I do this update?

      Why the first disk is named "Offline Disk" while it's the one is running every day?


      My main question is: "If I had a crash of one of the 2 disks, my data will be saved?"


      Many thanks to everyone will answer and help me.

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          Two things you NEED to do:

          1. Ensure all valuable data is backed up to EXTERNAL media (be it an external HDD or DVDs you've burnt or even diigital tapes etc) If this has not occured yet, restore your system back to how it was and only AFTER you've made your backups should you attempt to alter your RAID setup.
          2. Have a look at Asusteks own community motherboard forum and post there - the folks with their brand of boards will be more familiar with your experience for although you have a board using Intel RST, their implementation of that technology may differ to how Intel does things with their own boards.


          I have a RAID 0+1 setup on my home PC and even though that offers redundancy if one drive should fail, I still keep backups of valuable data on reliable external media. Do NOT depend on RAID to avoid the need to make backups.