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    DH67CF reboot when using aero


      I just bought a new m-itx motherboard, DH67CF for my mediacenter. But everytime i start doing something in windows it just reboots my pc. I can stand idle at desktop without any reboot. It seems like its because of aero everytime. If I uninstall the HD grafic driver, it all runs smooth and no reboot is happening. What is the cause of this? I cant use my computer like this. And i have installed the latest grafic driver and tried older ones too, with no luck. Please, hope someone can help me.


      EDIT: I found out it has nothing to do with Aero. It still reboots randomly when worked on. And i dont have any heat issues

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          Hello wiskar,


          I see that you are having system reboots when you are running applications.


          To be able to assist you further we will require some additional system information like processor model, power supply brand and wattage, current BIOS version operating system using  and how old is the system.


          First make sure that your power supply is at least 350w as it is the minimal recommended for the system.


          The BIOS must be up to date to determine if the problem was already fixed with an update.


          The motherboard should be tested out of the chassis to check if the problem is related to a short or grounding.


          Did you installed the operating system with this system configuration or it is a previous install?