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    Flashed DX38BT Black Screen!


      Hi all I was hoping to shed some light on my issue.
      My specs,


      Intel DX38BT
      intel core 2 extreme x6800
      g skill f3-10666cl7d 2x 2GB
      Geforce gtx 560 ti


      DVI and HDMI black screen


      I had flashed the bios with,
      And it said it was successful.


      not sure at this point which one :(
      This is odd because they both show
      up when i was looking at intels
      updates for my board. Maybe
      it doesn't matter which one of its
      bios updates i use, maybe the bios defaulted
      to hardware setting i do not have. either way
      Can you help me get this sorted out Plz :(

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