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    HD Graphics device cannot start




      I have an Asus P8Z68-V Pro motherboard with an i5-2400 and Intel HD Graphics Family 2000. I've also installed a NVIDIA Geforce 8600 GT which is set in the BIOS as primary graphics card. After a fresh install all this works fine and I can drive two monitors with the Geforce and if necessary a third with the Intel Graphics. This is very convenient for Photoshop work.


      A couple of days ago I had a BSOD in Adobe Bridge, Photoshops filemanager and -viewer. After that the Intel Graphics stopped working. Device manager says 'This device cannot start. (Code 10)'. Also the Intel Graphics Control Panel has disappaered. I have reinstalled the drivers but that does not fix the problem. I've also done a system restore, to no avail. Installing the motherboard drivers again also does not fix it.


      I'm running XP with SP3.


      Anyone an idea how to fix this?


      Thanks, regards,



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          When the computer is using a discrete video card and the onboard video at the same time sometimes it is necessary to change some additional settings in the bios.  I recommend getting in contact with ASUS to check if it is necessary to change some additional settings.



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            Thanks for your reply, Fred.


            According to the manual, the BIOS allows for two things. First you can set which graphics card should be used during boot and secondly you can enable or disable iGPU Multi-Monitor. I have this enabled.


            I searched an Asus support forum and found that there are more people having similiar problems. But I did not find a solution.


            I also think this is in fact not an Intel issue. I've disabled the Intel Graphics adapter in the BIOS and installed another NVIDIA card I had lying around. This worked fine until Adobe Bridge again caused a BSOD. After that it's impossible to get this second card going, device manager says the same: 'This device cannot start. (Code 10)'. I restored my computer with a disk image to get it working again and swithed it off. This morning, after reboot, it's broken again so there's something weird going on.


            I have a feeling it's a driver getting corrupted.