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    don`t work VGA with intel hd graphic driver ( have black screen)


      Hello. Some days ago, diceded to upgrade my windows vista to windows7, and after upgraiting and installing all drivers, I found, that VGA don`t work !!

      Without Intel HD driver, ewerything works, only I can`t put normal screen resolution.

      With Intel HD driver, after windows was loaded, my screen becom black, and can work only in safe mode regime.  I have TV, that is conected with my PC by HD cabel, so, as soon as I switch my TV on ( and it`s working just like tv, or any other option except for HD option) my sony monitor, that are conected by VGA, is working well !!!! but if I  switch my tv on HD conecting, simple monitor stop working,  but alternative monitor (tv) - are...

      So, please, help me to solve this problem.


      I have:  Gigabyte H55M-D2H motherboard, with the intel i-3-530 processor..  Videocard and soundcard - onboard.